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Grapevinez International

Get Down With The Get Down

Aug 18, 2014

Fire in the Booth - Harry Shotta, Killin it!!

Aug 17, 2014

We recorded this mini mix for the BBC’s drum&bass week. 19 tracks in 5 minutes! It was aired Saturday August 16th 2014.

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01. Noisia & Phace - Purpose [Vision Recordings]
02. Noisia & Phace - Stagger [Neosignal Recordings]
03. Hybris - Garbage Truck [Invisible Recordings]
04. Hybris - Garbage Truck (Misanthrop Remix) [Invisible Recordings]
05. Noisia - Oh Oh [Vision Recordings]
06. The Sect - Cybermen (Break Remix) [KSS Black Records]
07. DJ Fresh - Heavyweight [Breakbeat Kaos]
08. Ulterior Motive - Longshot [Metalheadz]
09. Noisia - Leopard Slug [Vision Recordings]
10. Fre4knc - Cardiome [Invisible Recordings]
11. Noisia - Strange Owl Experiment [Metalheadz]
12. Bad Company - Dogfight [Bad Company Recordings]
13. Noisia - Running Blind [Vision Recordings]
14. Bad Company - Excession [Bad Company Recordings]
15. Noisia - Bad Dreams [Vision Recordings]
16. I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix) [Division Recordings]
17. The Upbeats - Undertaker [Vision Recordings]
18. Noisia - Facade [RAM Records]
19. Momoiro Clover Z - Lost Child (Noisia Remix) [Vision Recordings]

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Aug 17, 2014

1Xtra D&B soundclash Viper Recordings vs Hospital Records vs Shogun Audio vs Ram Records on BBC 1Xtra (16.08.2014): http://bbc.in/1pbWmjE

#TeamViper represented by: Futurebound, Brookes Brothers, The Prototypes, InsideInfo, Six Blade, Rhymestar & Miss Trouble


Be sure to check out @timelessdnb on October 4th as @daralickt presents The Evolution of Drum & Bass (1994 - 2014) at @medusaloungela  (at Batcave Hollywood at Medusa Lounge)
Aug 16, 2014

Be sure to check out @timelessdnb on October 4th as @daralickt presents The Evolution of Drum & Bass (1994 - 2014) at @medusaloungela (at Batcave Hollywood at Medusa Lounge)

☝ This guy 👌👍👏😆 @mat_zo (at Awesomeville)
Aug 15, 2014

☝ This guy 👌👍👏😆 @mat_zo (at Awesomeville)

Aug 9, 2014

TECHNIMATIC d’n’b DJ set in Mixmag’s Lab

Aug 7, 2014

One of Hardwares resident DJ’s: Adi J steps up to deliver episode 16 of the Hardware podcast. A packed selection of hard hitting tunes from the past, present and future, keeping you locked for the next 60 minutes!

1. Trilo - Baracks (Renegade Hardware)
2. Volatile Cycle - Keep Steppin’ (Renegade Hardware)
3. Interline - Mentality (Nurtured Beatz)
4. Amoss feat MC JC - Bleed It VIP (Horizons)
5. Optiv & BTK - Inception (Maztek Rmx) (Renegade Hardware)
6. Cern & Receptor - Formless (Renegade Hardware)
7. Minor Rain - Regenerate (Renegade Hardware)
8. Chroma - Brain Strain (Renegade Hardware)
9. Subtension - AK47 (Renegade Hardware)
10. Minor Rain - Totem Tube (Renegade Hardware)
11. J. Robinson & Cern - Tidal (Tribe Music)
12. Subtension - Leaving (Renegade Hardware)
13. Trilo - Enterprise (Renegade Hardware)
14. Subtension, Minor Rain & Trilo - No Smer (Renegade Hardware)
15. Fourward - Countdown (Shogun Audio)
16. Gridlok - Insecticide (Project 51)
17. Optiv BTK & Cold Fusion - Void (Renegade Hardware)
18. Disphonia & Camelorg - Commit (Myselor Remix) SOM Music
19. Maztek & Cern - Multiverse (Renegade Hardware)
20. BTK - Addiction (Renegade Hardware)
21. Maztek - Limber (Renegade Hardware)
22. Borderline - Edge Of Space (SOM Music)
23. Maztek - M Theory (Audio Remix) (Renegade Hardware)

Xcellerated: Los Angeles Drum & Bass “FREE EVENT”  w/ Taxman August 29th(Free entry to this event w/ RSVP as a thank you for celebrating 1 year of Xcellerated)http://xcellerated.com/rsvp/
Aug 7, 2014

Xcellerated: Los Angeles Drum & Bass “FREE EVENT”  w/ Taxman August 29th
(Free entry to this event w/ RSVP as a thank you for celebrating 1 year of Xcellerated)

Aug 7, 2014

Recorded live and direct on August 2, 2014 at the Medusa Lounge in Los Angeles, CA.

This mix captures the energy of my live sets with all the chaos and risk-taking that comes with it. In just under 2 hours you’ll hear a wide scope of drum & bass sounds from the past and the future. STRAP IN WITH US for the JOURNEY!!!!

Recorded by Joseph Gasperich
Mixed by Ryan Powell
Mastered by Ryan Powell


Aug 5, 2014 / 1 note

KILLING IT is his business, and business is BOOMING!


Dieselboy, a man who has spent over two decades finely honing the craft of mixing music to make people’s minds explode, now brings you his latest 85 minute, 93 track DRUM AND BASS THRILL RIDE. This release is Rated R for RUGGED AS FUCK - a dense brick of heavyweight bass meant to test sound systems, spike heart rates and melt speakers. Inspired by the wildly successful BLOOD SWEAT AND BASS tour with Downlink, THE DESTROYER brings the pain with a 70s grindhouse cinema aesthetic and features the insane level of detail that Dieselboy’s mixes are known for - Big intro. Big outro. Bad ass artwork. And layers and layers and layers of sonic flavor.

This is not your standard “DJ MIX”. This is a modern CULT CLASSIC. An experience designed for repeated listens. In the car. In the gym. In your headphones while you are straight kicking ass and taking names. Created to piss off your neighbors, scare children and hurt other DJs feelings. CRANK IT THE FUCK UP!

And brace yourself for the WHITE HOT FURY that is… THE DESTROYER

LIKE THIS PAGE » www.facebook.com/dieselboy

Recorded at D.Cell in Brooklyn NYC. Mastered by Mike Bell at Darkart.


(note : FACES OF DEF is a new collab project between myself and MARK THE BEAST)


Dieselboy - The Destroyer (Feature Presentation)
Ajapai - Bass Godzilla // ROTTUN [CLIP]
Koronis - Collision // UPLINK AUDIO [CLIP]
Phace + Misanthrop - Nordwand // NEOSIGNAL
Emperor - Precursor (Mefjus Remix) // CRITICAL MUSIC
Audio - Heads Up // RAM [CLIP]
Knife Party - L Rad (The Prototypes Bootleg) // DUB
DJ Fresh Vs Jay Jay feat Ms Dynamite - Dibby Dibby Sound // MINISTRY OF SOUND [CLIP]
Hive - Neo (Audio’s Let It Roll Edit) // RAM
Optiv + BTK - Ground Shaker feat Nuklear MC // VIRUS [CLIP]
Mikal - Killa Soundboy // METALHEADZ
Misanthrop - Deadlock // NEOSIGNAL
Misanthrop - Catch 22 // NEOSIGNAL
Counterstrike - Rotterdam Sangomas VIP // PRSPCT
Frankee - Gully // RAM
Ulterior Motive - MIR // METALHEADZ
Camo + Krooked - Armageddon // HOSPITAL
Delta Heavy - Apollo // RAM
Spor - Kingdom // LIFTED
I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix) // DIVISION
Mefjus - Dissuade // CRITICAL MUSIC
Neosignal - Sequenz (Mefjus Remix) // DIVISION
Noisia - Oh Oh // VISION
Prolix + Mob Tactics - Transmission // TRENDKILL
Enei - Mosquito // CRITICAL MUSIC
D Minds - Blacker feat Strikez // D STYLE
Rockwell - Detroit // SHOGUN
Rockwell - 1 2 3 4 // SHOGUN
Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Remix) // ASHLEY WESTLAKE
Subfocus - Druggy // RAM
June Miller - Empathy // RAM
The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot // VIPER
Phace - The Set Up // CRITICAL MUSIC
State Of Mind + Chris SU - Above Earth // FATE
Enei - The Artefact // CRITICAL
TC - Into The Jungle // DONT PLAY
Maldini - Amazon // C4C RECORDINGS
Concept Vision + Sigment - Meteor // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Black Sun Empire - Don’t You (State Of Mind Remix) // BLACKOUT MUSIC
DC Breaks - Proton // RAM
Neonlight - Heavy Bettie // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Chris Lake feat Jareth - Helium (Rene Lavice Remix) // ULTRA
Rawtekk - Photone Recruits (Phace Remix) // HOSPITAL
Noisia - Stamp Out // VISION
Phace - Shitstorm // NEOSIGNAL
Jubei + SP:MC - State Of The Art // METALHEADZ [CLIP]
Noisia - Running Blind // VISION
Current Value + Nanotek - Code Of Chaos // PRSPCT
State Of Mind - No-Operative // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Lynx - Take Back The Night feat Newsome // RAM
NC-17 - The War Master // VIPER
Culture Shock - Ohrwurm // RAM
Break - Love So True // SYMMETRY
TC - Vegas - DONT PLAY
Original Sin + Koo - Running Man // PLAYAZ
Cue - Rainbow Dub (Sub Zero Remix) // MOTION SENSOR
Funtcase - Out For Da Milli (Annix Remix) // CIRCUS
Noisia + Prolix - Asteroids // VISION
Critical Impact - The Illa feat Jakes // CLEAR SKYZ
Silent Witness + Break + Prolix - Haunted Stars // TRIPLE SEED
Wilkinson feat Becky Hill - Afterglow // RAM
Phace + Misanthrop - Sex Sells // NEOSIGNAL
Dimension - Pathogen // CYANTIFIC
S.P.Y. - Brooklyn Dub // HOSPITAL
Delta Heavy - The World Is Yours // RAM
Original Sin - Screamers // PLAYAZ
Rockwell - Back Again // SHOGUN
Gridlok + Prolix - Metalbrane // DUB
Emperor + Mefjus - Void Man Void // CRITICAL MUSIC
Black Sun Empire - The Rat (Gridlok Remix) // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Limewax - Arch Noisyum // PRSPCT
Loadstar - Eat My Tears (Rene Lavice Remix) // RAM
Mikal - Strictly Rockers // METALHEADZ
Dementia + Rregula + Disphonia - Doom Loop (Mefjus Remix) // CITRUS
State Of Mind - Fast Life // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Koncept - Breathe In // VIPER
Rise At Night - The Monumental feat Nikita Esco (Mediks Remix) // FIREPOWER
Ill Skillz + D Kay - Codename Zero // SMOG
Faces Of Def + Counterstrike - Blvck Celebration // SUBHUMAN
Gridlok + Prolix - Revenge // PROJECT TRENDKILL
Audio - Airbourne // VIRUS
Audio - Botfly // VIRUS
Hybris - Garbage Truck (Misanthrop Remix) // INVISIBLE
Teddy Killerz + Nphonix - Burnin // BAD TASTE
State Of Mind + Nymfo - Put It On // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Prolix + Misanthrop - Transcendent // TRENDKILL
Fred V + Grafix - Purple Gates // HOSPITAL
Sinister Souls - Tuh Tuh Duh (Faces Of Def Remix) // PRSPCT
Gridlok + Dieselboy - MDMX // PROJECT 51
QO feat Nuklear MC - Killcode // EATBRAIN
Mayhem + Downlink + Faces Of Def - Carcosa // SUBHUMAN
Dieselboy - Blow This Motherfucker To Kingdom Come (End Credits)

Aug 4, 2014

As we edge ever closer to SUNANDBASS 2014, one of our long time supporters steps up to the plate.

Utah Jazz has been holding the drum and bass torch up high since his first releases in 2000, since then gracing us with 4 albums, the most recent of which, his ‘Portfolio’ LP, has just been released on Spearhead.

This mix nicely showcases Luke’s style, blending dubs and new tracks alongside some stone cold classics that always deserve an airing.

Sit back, get this mix rolling and smell the Sardinian sea air – soon come!

Aug 4, 2014

SunBeatz, the world’s premier Drum & Bass holiday in Ibiza returns to the party island for the fifth year in a row. Featuring an all star line up of A-list DJs and MC’s, Sunbeatz takes over Ibiza again on Sept 14 - 21 2014.
Launched in 2010, Sunbeatz has firmly established itself as an essential part of the the Drum & Bass calendar and a focal point of the Ibiza scene. Renown for their hugely popular Goin Ape at the Zoo events, Boat Parties and club nights at some of the island’s biggest clubs like Sankeys and Gatecrasher. They are celebrating their 5th year anniversary with the Sunbeatz Summer Mix Series. Each week in the run up to the event they will give away an exclusive mix from one of the acts on the line up at this years event.
This week’s mix is from Heist an established DJ for over 15 years, Heist started producing tracks 12 years ago. In That Time hes produced tracks on many labels, including Logan D’s Low Down Deep, Goldie’s Metal Headz, DJ Hype’s Ganja Records, Mampi Swift’s Charge Records, Roni Size’s Full Cycle, Shy Fx’s Digital Sound Boy, V Recordings, Philly Blunt, Frontline, Propaganda amongst others, along with his own imprints Sumo Beatz, Co-Lab & Calypso. Being Influenced by all styles of Drum & Bass from the start, Heist’s incredibly adaptable production style has seen his tunes find themselves into a variety of big name’s DJ boxes across the scene, together with the compliment of being sound engineer to Goldie’s productions (Also as Rufige Kru) for the last 6 years. Expertly balancing a long line of ambitious production projects with his first love of DJing, Heist continues to play out across the UK and Europe, America and Australia to an ever-increasing fan base.



Aug 4, 2014

Hello People
here’s the podcast #55 with my favourite d&b tracks at the moment so, download and enjoy and don’t forget to leave your feedback!!!

Olá galera
já está disponível o meu novo podcst de julho #55 com o melhor do Drum n’ Bass.
Baixe agora, aproveite e não esqueça de deixar o seu feedback!

Marky’s Podcast July 2014 #55

1- Random Movement - Sleazy Bitch
2- Chromatic - Impact
3- DJ Marky - Medusa
4- Fields - Reel Funk
4- Dorian - Wayback
5- Logistics - Seasons
6- DJ Marky - Get It Up
7- Break - Duck For Cover
8- Lenzman & Redeyes - Thieves In The Night (Technimatic Remix)
9- Simplification & Translate - I Need You
10- Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Jumpin’ The Sun
11- Marcus Intalex - Riots
12- Chords - High Groove
13- Joe Nebula & Rachel Wallace - Twisted World (Silent Code Remix)
14- Zero Tolerance & Riya - Truth Hurts
15- Intelligent Manners - All By Myself
16- DJ Marky, A Sides & Singing Fats - Feeling Fine
17- Chromatic - Overthere
18- Danny Breaks - Sign

Mixed With Love By DJ Marky

Aug 4, 2014

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Aug 4, 2014

About to release his debut album, Emergence on Noisia’s Invisible Recordings label, the technically proficient drum & bass producer, Hybris is set to make another appearance in Farringdon for the FABRICLIVE 76: Calyx & TeeBee launch party in Room Two this Friday night. Having followed the Czech Republic based producer for a while now, after his previous releases on Critical, Metalheadz and Dispatch caught our attention, the prospect of a full length project from him is all the more exciting. And if the strength of his latest single, ‘Timeloop’, or the quality of the selections on display in his latest FABRICLIVE promo mix are anything to go by then the wider d&b community are in for a proper treat.

Advance tickets: http://bit.ly/FABRICLIVE0808

No tracklist given.